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1950 Bulletins

This has been the most difficult year to attribute a date to the bulletins as there were no dates nor volume numbers noted on any bulletin. It appears this was the case for the entire time that Brother Sorrells produced the bulletin. His name is rarely noted and never in the context of “editor” as previous and future preachers would. I have no idea why no dates nor volume numbers were included but it has made date deciphering very difficult.

The first bulletin below (likely early April 1950) has a note of thanks from Brother Sorrells for the welcome he had received. However, a bulletin from apparently early July he references concerning the contribution that he had been there 5 months.

Therefore, I am taking a “best guess” as to when some of these bulletins were produced. Some I’ve based on references to gospel meetings or special classes and especially financial references that would have been for the month prior to the bulletin. A few I’ve based on the reference of a birth or where a person was sick for a few weeks then passed away and a specific date of death noted. In other cases, there is zero evidence to go on so I’ve simply named them “unknown 1950 n” with a numeric value.

As you will see with Brother Sorrells bulletins into 1951, there were often very lengthy articles covering most of the bulletins three pages. Many of these are very difficult to read due to the condition of the bulletin and possibly the typewriter or copy method used to print the bulletin in this time period. I apologize if you have problems reading them but it was the best I could produce from the original condition.

04-1950 1     04-1950 2

05-1950      05-1950 2

06-1950 1     06-1950 2



09-1950 1     09-1950 2


11-1950 1     11-1950 2     11-1950 3

unknown 1950 1     unknown 1950 2     unknown 1950 3

unknown 1950 4     unknown 1950 5     unknown 1950 6

unknown 1950 7     unknown 1950 8     unknown 1950 9