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1951 Bulletins

Brother E. S. Sorrell continued as preacher for what appears to be possibly February. What is unusual is that his name is never attributed to any article, not noted as “editor” and only one personal article. The only mention that I can recall is found regarding a wedding at his home (4/22) and him being sick (4/29). However, I can’t be certain that he was still preaching at the time because starting 3/11 the bulletin began to have a date and was noted as Volume 1. Based on bulletin style alone it is possible that Brother Sorrell discontinued his preaching role and production of the bulletin in Feb. The one personal article was a farewell note but I can’t attribute a date to it but because the format changed on 3/11 and his farewell note was in the former format I have to attribute it to Feb 1951.

The 10/21 edition was the first attributed to the newest preacher, Vestal Chaffin. It appears he changed the style significantly with the 10/28 edition. It marked two distinct differences. One, the first page became a customized page with a message rather than the standard boilerplate with a picture of the building and secondly, it marked a rename of the bulletin to the Warners Chapel Messenger. In the 11/4 edition it was announced that the elders had opted for a 4-page full size bulletin which began with the 11/14 edition and that it would be mailed to members and others as suggested.

Beginning with the 11/28 edition, Brother Chaffin began to answer in great detail (sometimes covering several weeks of bulletins) questions that had been mailed to him concerning subjects such as instrumental music, auxiliaries and the use of the term “reverend.” This would continue into 1952.

01-1951 1  (late January basing this on Everette Harper’s condition)

01-1951 2  (financial report for December. This could be the 1st bulletin for January)

02-1951  (early Feb based on the financial statement for January)

02-1951 1  (after 2/13 based on Everette Harper’s death)

02-1951 2  (late Feb based on a new style bulletin that began 3/11 – Sorrell’s farewell note)

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06-03-1951     06-10-1951     06-24-1951


10-21-1951    10-28-1951

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